Adoption Agreement.

THIS IS THE EXAMPLE OF THE CONTRACT. You can download it here!



This adoption agreement is between the parties listed below:


1. Animal Love and Rescue – Vancast Investments SL registered under number B93277770  with address Camino Arroyo Seco s/n, 29108 Guaro, Malaga, Spain.


here named Adopter


2. Mr./Mrs .:                                                                                                                   

Street Address:



Telephone:                                                             Mobile:

Date of Birth:

Passport / ID or NIE number:

Email address:


Have an agreement to adopt the following dog:



Ref number:


hereinafter referred to as "the dog"                                                                                       Picture: 


Gender: male / female




Chip number:




The adoption agreement.


1* the adopter has adopted the dog mentioned above and therefore becomes the owner of the dog. The chip number will be transferred to the name

of the adopter.

From the adoption (take over) of the dog, the new owner is responsible for the proper care of the dog and cannot hold Animal Love and

Rescue responsible for any illnesses, genetically determined deviation, or behavior of the dog. The dog is delivered in good health.


2* The adoption fee paid by the adopter is not a purchase price but remains an adoption fee. This reimbursement is paid for the costs incurred

for the adoption dog. Vaccinations, chip, passport, lab tests, possible sterilization or castration, medication, and other costs incurred.

So no purchase price for the dog but an intervention in the costs incurred for the adoption dog. Called sponsorship.


3*Animal Love and Rescue is a non-profit organization which means that no money is involved in the adoption of the dogs.

There is no income from sold dogs, only intervention in the costs incurred for the adoption dog that can be presented at any time.

The adaptor undertakes to care for the dog in a sustainable manner in accordance with the animal welfare and animal protection legislation

of the adopting country and thus to provide sufficient exercise according to breed and age, to provide adequate good food and good housing,

can’t be laid at a chain and not kept in a kennel or other (closed) facility. The adoptor must not cause the dog to undergo deliberate mutilation.

The adaptor will have the dog vaccinated in accordance with the applicable regulations and, in the event of the dog's disease, will be responsible

for appropriate veterinary treatment.


4* At Animal Love and Rescue every dog ​​is vaccinated for the most common dangerous diseases, as provided by law. Those vaccinations are for rabies, distemper. hepatitis and parvo supplemented with parainfluenza. The vet gives these vaccinations at 8, 10, and 12 weeks. That is why a young puppy cannot leave the Resort before he is 12 weeks old. They also receive complete deworming and anti-parasite vaccination.

With older dogs, this happens annually. Tests on Leishmania * are also performed on dogs from 6 months of age. As a result, we are largely sure to

deliver a healthy dog ​​for adoption. Due to the stress, change of environment, other food, etc., a dog can get diarrhea in the beginning.

However, this should pass after a few days and with proper nutrition and a peaceful environment.

Animal Love and Rescue can never be held responsible for genetic diseases that later develop in the dog. We never know the full origin of the dog,

nor the history of the parents.


5* Every dog that leaves Animal Love and Rescue for adoption gets a chip on the name of the new adoptor. In case the adoptor would move to

another address, he is obliged to pass this on to the official registered office of the country he lives in.


6* Animal Love and Rescue can not be held responsible if, for reasons beyond its control, the dog is transferred at a different time and/or place

than agreed.


7* IF, for some reason, the dog is, demonstrable, that is, by a written statement from a veterinarian, within thirty days after transfer as a result of a

pre-existing but not pre-existing by Animal Love and Rescue knew disease dies, the Adopter may choose another dog or receive a refund of 50%

of his adoption contribution to this.


8* If the dog can no longer stay with the Adopter, Animal Love and Rescue will look for a temporary foster home and a good new Adopter.

Adopter gives Animal Love and Rescue for this purpose at least fourteen days after receipt of the required waiver.

Until the transfer of the dog to a new Adopter, the current Adopter will further take care of the dog in accordance with this agreement.

There is no refund of the paid contribution.

The adopter may in no case transfer the dog to third parties or to an asylum. Animal Love and Rescue. always takes the dog back!


9* In case of non-compliance with this contract, Animal Love and Rescue will demand compensation of € 250 and the reimbursement of all by

Animal Love and Rescue, and/or its volunteers incurred direct or indirect costs as a result of the breach of contract by Adopter.


10*  Animal Love and Rescue respects your privacy. By signing this contract, the Adopter agrees that Animal Love and Rescue uses personal data

to be processed in a file that is only for legitimate purposes for the adoption. Animal Love and Rescue will be able to check at all times to see if

the dog lives in the best conditions. The organization, therefore, asks whether the Adoptor regularly sends photos or videos and asks permission

to be allowed to place them on the website of Animal Love and Rescue to show visitors to the site that the dogs have found a happy home.



Made up in duplicate at                                                                              on                                                                


of which each party acknowledges having received a copy.


                                                                                                                                        "Read and approved"


Signature Adoptor (s)                                                                                                                                               Signature Animal Love and Rescue