We are regularly looking for:


- people who want to fly over an adopted dog.

Are you going back to your home country and want to take an adopted dog for us? It costs you nothing.

We will meet you at the airport, go with you to the counter and hand over the dog and the documents. The dog is then taken to the plane. You take the documents with you.

On arrival, you wait for the cage and take the dog to the exit. Someone from our organization or the new owner will be waiting for you in the arrival hall. You hand over the papers and the dog to the new owner. And make a dog so happy that he has been brought to his new home.


- people who want to donate second-hand goods

Do you have blankets, sheets, towels, carpets, all bed linen, mattresses, old furniture or other goods that you want to throw away? Give us a call. We come to see what we can use and will also transport it. All linen is always welcome for the dogs, but we can make dog beds from old furniture. We can recycle and sell older items, the money goes to the dog resort and the care of the dogs. We are very strong in recycling, your old goods can still help to care for the dogs, and good materials are ecologically reusable!

We can also use older but still usable washing machines, drying cabinets, freezers, building materials, etc.!


- Keep an eye on or special calls on the website or facebook page

We will regularly place a call for people with disabilities, children with disabilities or autism. We train some of our dogs into therapy dogs for this target group. We can only do this if we can regularly test the dog for its knowledge and if it senses the handicap and can work with it. We do not always have dogs in training, this depends on the type of dog that we receive and is suitable for it.


- Our website and facebook page

And of course you can ensure that as many people as possible know our Resort, as well as our website and Facebook page. By sharing our messages our target group becomes larger, everything is viewed more, which is only for the benefit of our dogs.


And of course donations, adoptions and virtual adoptions are very, very important for our work.


Phone: +34/634332912  - +34/634334378

Camino Aroyo Seco

29108 Guaro

Email: info@animalloveandrescue.com


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