ANIMAL LOVE AND RESCUE Resort abandoned abused dogs | Andalucía


Our Resort is always in need of donations. With 45 dogs at this moment staying in the resort, the costs are very high. They need to go to the veterinary, take medication, vaccinations, deworming, anti-parasites injections, neutering, food (bags) but also fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat from time to time, named it, and they need it. Certainly, the puppies need extra care and extra healthy food to grow up as strong and healthy dogs. 

Until now we paid everything ourselves but we can't do this anymore, it is too much. So we are in urgent need for donations.

Every euro is welcome and can help them. 

We have different ways to donate money. 

1*just one donation (crowdfunding: 

                                               2*be a member and pay monthly 5€ or 10€ to support the Resort

  3*virtual adoption of one of our dogs

                                                                                    4*adoption of a dog

Or you can donate goods. We are in urgent need for:

                                                                                   - second hand 4X4 for a cheap price

                                                                                   - second hand washing machine (for the blankets of the dogs)

                                                                                   - second hand dryer (for the blankets of the dogs)

                                                                                   - second hand freezers (for the food for the dogs)

                                                                                   - blankets, linen, towels, old curtains, old duvets, old carpets.

                                                                                   - old beds, furniture (we can make beds for the dogs)

                                                                                   - old building materials

                                                                                   - old cooking pots 

1* Just one donation can be done on our crowdfunding: 

2* Be a member of the Animal Love And Rescue Resort and pay a monthly donation of 5 or 10€. You can do this per month, or in 1 time yearly. This is a membership to support the Resort. The donation goes by direct payment on the account of Vancast with reference:

membership donation Animal Love and Rescue Resort + your name.

3* virtual adoption of one of our dogs. You can adopt one of your dogs virtually and sponsor his/her costs

The virtual adoption goes by direct payment on the account of Animal Love and Rescue with reference: virtual adoption + name dog -  

Animal Love and Rescue Resort + your name.