In December 2020 we move to a new location where we will rebuild the Resort again. The last couple of years were with a lot of stress, and no safety for our dogs. That will finally be over now! 

This will be the start of a new beginning for us and our dogs. 

But a new Resort costs a lot of money of course. We can do a lot of the building ourselves, but all need to be removable,

strong, and safe. Therefore we will use the best products and materials to do this. 

This Resort has to be in order with everything, safe for our dogs so they can't escape, hygienic, easy to clean, but also with a lot of attention to what the dogs need. 


To pay for all these costs we often organize events to raise money, but due to the Covid crisis, a lot is canceled. 

With only our events, we won't be able to pay for all the costs. That is why we have to go for funding. 

And it needs to be big funding because a good and Legal Resort costs a lot of money.


We are calculating what we need. In steps. We can't rebuild the Resort in one week. It will take months before it will be ready.

On the next pages, we will place what we need very urgently, in the second phase and the General costs. 

We hope that a lot of animal lovers will help us with the funding so our dogs can live a happy life.



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