It is obvious that a Resort like this will cost a lot of money. A big part we will provide ourselves. Like I wrote earlier, we will organize events, sell goods at the market, the webshop, all to get money in for the infrastructure of the dogs. And it is not the most luxurious, but the most practical we want. The most practical for the dogs and for us. Of course, with a lot of detail for hygiene, required by law. 

But we need more money to install the new infrastructure.

Only for the land, we will need to pay the costs for leveling a part of the plot. This to prevent that with the rainfall, all will come down again. With the leveling, we can make flat parts and next to it some water channels. Like this, we can lead the water where we want it to flood. 

Some parts of the fronts side fences, need to be replaced, also on the right side of the plot. These came down with the storms and need to be repaired. The rest of the fence is ok.

With 3m in between the outside fences, we will build the playfields for the dogs, as mentioned on our other page HOW WILL IT LOOK LIKE.


The fences need to be made in a very heavy and solid wire, good and strong posts, into the concrete blocks, with on each side planters low to the ground to prevent the dogs will escape or go through it. Some of our breeds are macho and sometimes aggressive to other breeds. 

That is a big cost.  We made an estimated cost already, depending on what comes up once we start building the construction. The estimated costs are mentioned on the page URGENT COSTS.

But of course, this is for several playfields for different groups


On our page REALIZED BY DONATIONS, you can follow the progress of the building works with the donation money, once we can start with it. For the moment we are taking care of the solution to stay at the property, and we made the whole plan for the infrastructure so it can be removable. So none of the costs we make or the materials we use will be lost.  At the current moment in the winter, we won't do any construction works, due to the weather.

The dogs will sleep in wooden chalets, but on the inside, we have to make them partly in aluminum and with tile floors. for hygiene. 

They need to be isolated, for the winter months. In the winter we put extra heating in all cabins, in the summer they get some air conditioners to keep them cool. 


The puppy part needs to be extra isolated, fenced, divided into different houses, with heating lamps, and all foreseen for the best hygiene for the puppies. 

These are the biggest costs. Luckily we are very handy, can do a lot ourselves and have the right people to help us with the things we can't do ourselves. 


What is very important to us is that we work totally ecological, and good for the environment. We try to reuse all the materials that we have, also plastic, bottles, everything! No waste of materials and household plastic, paper, and other stuff. We ALL reuse it in our project. From plastic lemonade bottles, we make concrete bricks to put under the fences, just to give an example. 


The wooden houses will be built under party tents, because in the campo were we are, it is forbidden to build extra constructions.

So the party tents will give an extra cover to the cabins, and extra shade for the dogs.  All fences will be removable too, so we can create bigger or smaller playgrounds, depending on the number of dogs that are in the Resort and get along together.  We want to let them play together as much as is possible considering their behavior to each other.      














                                                                                                   This is the place where the dogs will play in nature. 




But besides money, we can also use goods. We are very handy, and I love to work with recycled material. Where necessary and possible, I will use recycled material. Maybe U can help us and sponsor us with materials and goods you don't use anymore and donate this to us?


We can use: 


- rests of building materials you don't use anymore, bricks, bags of concrete, sand, certainly stuff that plumbers use, etc

- old benches, sofa's, carpets, beds, drawers from closets

- towels, carpets, blankets, sheets, 

- pots, cubes

- an old freezer that still works (to put in the meat that comes from the slaughterhouse ) 

- old tires from cars

- plants you would throw away

- an old high-pressure cleaner

- old water tabs you change (need to be able to put a garden hose on) 

- an old bath you break out

- or just all second-hand goods you don't need anymore. We can recycle them and sell them on the market to raise money for the Resort. 


We can use it all. We can pick it up at your place if you give us a call:  Bert:  634 334 378 -  Vera :  634 332 912.

With all these things we can make something for the dogs that can be nice and comfortable for them.


Of course, we will not only need a lot of money to do the construction, fences, underground for the playgrounds, swimming pool, let's say the whole infrastructure, but also our monthly costs for health care and food for the dogs. We often work a lot with puppies. We are a non-profit organization.

All donations are welcome. Even 1€ or 5€. All small things can make a big difference for them.

Donations are welcome on this account: 


IBAN: GB58 revo00997027715521




IBAN: BE62 6528 3284 9661  


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