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Do you want to adopt a dog?

Thanks in advance for thinking about our Resort! Here some information you have to consider by choosing your adoption dog.

  • Am I emotionally, financially, and personally ready to take on the responsibility of looking after a new pet? Am I ready to take on the responsibility of a pet that needs personal care and attention, daily exercise in all weather and extra care if it becomes ill?

  • Do I understand the nutritional, accommodation and health requirements of a pet? Am I at home enough, so the dog is not home alone for too long.

Have I acquired the necessary items needed to take care of this pet, and have I 'pet-proofed' my house? Have guidelines been set for the feeding, grooming, discipline, training, and cleaning up after the pet?

Do I know what type of pet I want, e.g. species, breed or size, temperament, gender, age, energy level etc?

Write down the characteristics you are looking for.

We have heard many stories of people who went to a shelter with one type of pet in mind and 'fell in love' with an entirely different type of animal, and adopted him. Sometimes this worked out fine but other times the owner regretted his spur of the moment decision.

Be sure to think carefully about what type of pet you are looking for.

Are all of the family members in agreement about getting a new pet?

Are my home life, family situation, and lifestyle stable enough to include a pet for many years? Are you willing to include from now on the pet in the decisions the family would have to take and include it in the changes that may arise?


Here are the steps you need to take to adopt.

Click on the button FOR ADOPTION on the menu. There you will find which dogs are for adoption or will come for adoption. Look also in our blogs, there are movies and pictures of the dogs.

On the adoption page, you can see the breed (if we know that), age, male or female, character, etc.

If you choose the dog you want, you can proceed.

Once you made your choice.

Once you made your choice we will send you a list with a lot of questions that you need to fill in and send back to us. Animal Love and Rescue is allowed to check if all your answers are correct and will do a house visit when possible. We are still looking for people who can help us with these matters, as volunteers. For Germany. Scandinavian Islands, the UK, Italy, and France.

We want to see if the dog of your choice is going to be the good one for you and your family. If the dog has enough space, who your family is, what you expect from the dogs, etc. If we think this is not the case we will advice you to take another dog, only to prevent problems between your dog and your family. This could result in a lot of stress for both of you.


Pre reservation

Once you have chosen your dog, we put him in pre reservation. That means that other people can’t adopt him in that period.

The pre reservation is for 15 days, Within these 15 days all documents need to be provided. We will make the adoption contract (*see adoption contract), and prepare the dog’s papers on your name. We will deliver the dogs book with vaccinations, chip number, and change the chip on your name. In case the dog is adopted in another country than Spain, we will arrange the flight, person that comes with the dog and the person that will be present at the place of arrival.


Dog that needs to fly abroad

If the dog is adopted in another country, we will provide the flight documents. The dog must always be accompanied by someone who is flying along, and it is also mandatory to transfer the animal in the designated cages by the airline company.

For some countries, the size of the dog determines whether he can still fly or not.

These are of course costs that also determine the adoption price.

Upon arrival at the destination, someone from our team will be waiting for you and hand over the dog as well as the documents +.

You send in your adoption contract, a collar and leash, some water and a potty - after the trip the dog is often thirsty - maybe a treat to make him calm, and especially don't forget the poop bags!


We always ask the adopter to keep us informed of the dog's progress. An email, photos, anything that can help. And as we said before, if for some serious reason the dog does not feel well in the family, then the adopter must let us know and we look for a solution or take the dog back. Of course, in this case the adoption fee will not be reimbursed.