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First, we will have to solve the problems with the house. Or we make a deal that we can stay here, but that is very unlikely, or we search for another house, but to rent another place with 31 dogs is practically impossible. So what we rebuild will all be removable then we can take it with us after we found another place to stay. We know for sure that we are safe here for at least 8 months/1 year. 

We will need materials to cut the herbs and to toss the soil every month. We would like to put black plastic against the weeds on the soil and put another kind of sand on the ground. The kind of sand they use in the parks. That get’s hard. We can clean that easier and is more hygienic. We keep an open space under the trees and put some fake grass around it, which is cool in the summer. Our dogs love to lay down under the trees.


We will leave a 3m wide path next to the outside fences and then start to make the playgrounds. The paths get nice sand, flowers, and trees. But like that, nobody can reach the dogs and if they throw something over the fence, it will be on the path not in the playfields where the dogs can take it. The fences for the playfields will be removable, so we can make the fields bigger or smaller and can take all with us in case we have to leave.


We will make big concrete blocks and put the poles in it. Poles and blocks we can put somewhere else if needed. The galvanized wire will be pinned at the poles. Like that we can make a huge playfield. With doors on both sides. Steady and good, so no dog can escape. With this system, we can work around the trees, because in our garden the trees are not in lines like in some olive yards.

At every playground we will place some toys to keep them busy, shady places to rest, a small pool to cool off in the summer months and a wooden chalet. The chalet will be in wood on the outside, at the inside we will place extra infrastructure to the hygenic rules that the law gives to shelter or foster owners. So all can be cleaned easily and well. They all get their own beds.

1* Playfield one, for the older dogs, who like to lay down under their trees. This is their favorit spot.

2* Playfield two, for the younger dogs, who like to run and climb and play

3* Playfield 3 will be for the larger dogs and smaller groups

4 - 5 * Playfield 4 - 5  for the dogs who need to be seperated. And puppies that are a bit older

6* Playfield 6 will be for mothers and very young puppies.