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June 16, 1019

Today we welcomed Rico in our Resort. Rico is a 1-year-old Belgium Shepherd. 

He was saved from a lifetime on a chain. Didn't know anything else, no freedom.

Someone got him off the chain and brought him here. He is a very nervous young guy, but that is because he has a trauma. He needs to get confidence in people again. 


We will give him a lot of love and training and he's already a happy and free dog.  

June 3, 2019

A new mom, and 7 new puppies that came into this world. 

All healthy and big. Very quiet puppies. 

5 Girls and 2 Boys. All black, except one. Who the mother is we know of course, but not what breed the father is. But looking at the size of the pups, they will be big! 

Mother and pups are doing great! 

March 28, 2019


Today 7 new puppies are born! The mother we know, who the father is, is a big question.

All pups are very healthy and grow big. They eat good and mom takes good care for them 

In May they will be ready for adoption! 


Welcome Drogo, Arya, Sansa, Kit, Jaimie, Danaris and  Cersei - 1 week old

June 10, 2019

A new mom is brought in a couple of days ago and gave birth to 3 puppies today. They are doing great. 

All 3 puppies are girls. Diva, Cher and Tina. 

We know the mother but have no idea who the father is. 

So no idea either what breed or size they will be. 

January, 2019


4 new older dogs entered our family. An older English lady got very sick and needed adoption for her dogs. 

We took in Julio, Keena, Nacho and little Princess Chocolat.

The joy's of our life!


Princess Chocolat


Julio + 30/03/2019


November 2018


We found two new angels! 

Two English ladies found Guydo, a very young puppy in a stable. We picked him up and gave him a loving home. 

In Coin, we found an abandoned, wild Mastin, a few months old. We were able to catch him and brought him right to the vet. He was very skinny and full of fleas. After a good bath and some medical care, we took him home and called him Kiko. At the time we found him his weight was only 24 kilos, he was about 6 months old, an very afraid of people.

Now both of them are doing great. Kiko's weight is 60kg now, he is very playful. love's to be cuddled and plays with all the other dogs. 


October 29, 2018


We took in 6 new puppies today. They come from Granada. 

A group of 4 was found at a farmers place. Two went to another place, we took in 3 boys and a girl, very active puppies! They are 6 weeks old now, so they have to stay with us for a while before they can be adopted. 

Two other puppies are a lot smaller, same age, but were found with two other puppies in a sewer pipe.


All six of them got a nice and warm place in our house. Later we will test them for their skills, and teach them the primarily listen orders.

Once they are 3 months old and got all their vaccinations, they will be placed for adoption. 


With thanks to Saskia to  SOS ANIMALES MOTRIL 


September 23, 2018


Today 6 new puppies are born! Not because we were uncareful but because we wanted to. 


We consciously bred a litter based on characteristics of the mother and father dog. We hope that some of the puppies will be perfect to train them as therapy dogs. Based on the calm and social character of the mother and the loyalty and intelligence of the father, we would be very happy to have two or three. The rest of the puppies will be placed for adoption or stay with us in the flock. 


Mom and the puppies are very healthy, she takes good care of them and the pups are growing fast.


So more news in a few days how they grow up! 


August 2018


At the beginning of this month, we could welcome Senta and Sultan.


Mother and Son were living in the campo in Cartama, on the street. Senta seems to be about 6 years old, her son is 7 months


A German couple, Sylvia and Peter, took care of them, but couldn't take them into their house because they have several dogs and cats themselves. 

They called us to see if we could take them in, so we went to pick them up.


We are so happy to have them in our big dog family. Both dogs are very gentle, sweet, get along with the other dogs, love to play with them, and after 3 days they took over our daily routine. 


They are happy, and we are too with such loving and happy animals. 


Thanks to Sylvia and Peter Kranz in Cartama