Phase 2 The Sleeping Places

Phase 2: Sleeping places and walking paths.

We hope we can finish the fencing and all that is necessary really quick, can be finished by the end of the winter. 

Once the fencing of the playfields is finished, then we will start building the actual and strong sleeping places.

For the outside we choose wood, on the inside, the sleeping places will conform to the law. In aluminium.

Easy to clean, hygenic, and decent. 

In every playfield, a sleeping house will be placed, in the chalets will come to the baskets to sleep. 

We chose this "horse" stable because it is strong, warm, and made in the sizes we like.

An extra pro is that the door can be opened under or above. 


We will need 2 bigger and 1 small chalets like this. 

Price for the bigger chalet is 3700€ - the smaller: 3200€

Total price for the chalets: 9000€

In Phase 2 we also place the dog toys to play, swimming pools, extra planters, outside walking paths, light spots, and water tubes. 

These however are only small costs. And most of it will be made from recycled material that we re-use.