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Senta and Sultan join our family.

At the beginning of this month, we could welcome Senta and Sultan.

Mother and Son were living in the campo in Cartama, on the street. Senta seems to be about 6 years old, her son is 7 months

A German couple, Sylvia and Peter, took care of them, but couldn't take them into their house because they have several dogs and cats themselves. 

They called us to see if we could take them in, so we went to pick them up.

We are so happy to have them in our big dog family. Both dogs are very gentle, sweet, get along with the other dogs, love to play with them, and after 3 days they took over our daily routine. 

They are happy, and we are too with such loving and happy animals. 

Thanks to Sylvia and Peter Kranz in Cartama


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