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BREAKING NEWS ... He did it again!

Where we have the intention of keeping this website and posts always happy and positive, we feel now obliged to inform our friends and followers of the latest events that happened at the old resort in Guaro. We are still moving all our stuff daily and at the same time we feed and carress the remaing dogs there untill everything is ready at the new center and we can move them just as the pups who are already there.

Wednesday January 13th...

Arriving at the resort we found the lock on the fence was cut open en removed and replaced with a chain and new lock. We were kept out and unable to feed our furry friends and clean up. So only one solution ... break this open and place another one ourselves.

We found our old lock and the package of his new one on the ground next to the gate...

but once in we found an even worse thing...

For those interested to read the whole story and the reasons we wanted to start our resort somewhere else ... visit our related website here


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