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Today our dear Rico came back to us and we will never let him go! Bert is sooo happy to be back. Big friends with Amy the husky.

Rico had been rescued by Liane from the chain he hung on for all his short life. Then he came to us, spent about 2 years with us, but brought his debt to the shelter because of that previous landlord. Liane has gone back to get him out for us, and has kept up with him so far. But she already has a dominant dog. Today Rico came back to us.

He's crazy about Bert and Bert about him. He's very calm now. That animal has been through a lot and has trauma from the chain and leaving it alone, so he is very focused on being or belonging to someone. Bert gives him all that attention and then he becomes very calm. He's never going to leave here. He has found his life with us.


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