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Happy Birthday!

July 1999, Calpe, Spain ...

Where she took care of dogs long before, Vera rescued 5 little pups from a garbage bin. Only a few hours old, eyes closed and helpless.

She took them right away to the local vet just to be informed that it was hopeless to keep them alive. Vera didn´t accept this answer, bought baby bottles an puppy milk and started feeding them. None of them died and grew up to be lovely fluffy pups.

After three months and having received their vacs, three of them were adopted by other families, Vera kept one, Bimbo and her colleague Bert took another Rocky.

And so it started ... Pipo the podenco, who was hurt at his fore legs came along and stayed .... Vera and Bert became a couple in 2005 and since then they took care for more than a hundred lost, abandoned, maltreated dogs.

A lot of joyfull but also painfull and sad moments but they kept on going.

In 2007 Vera took in two lovely female foxes and with Pipo around, soon the Fopo family was born ... then there were nine ... and ten ...twelve ....now there are about 40 of them, all living together free in nature, not caged.

Last year, 2018, they started with the idea to create a special place for the abandoned dogs, a resort in plain nature with medical care and a lot of love. Now they are going to move to a bigger plot to offer the dogs lots of fun. This will be the Usjy and Osjy Resort.