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Hasta la vista ...

As once a very famous businessman said TIME IS MONEY ... or is it ... MONEY is TIME.

Because at this time the only thing that counts in the world is Money. Money can buy everything, and makes happy, some HUMANS say. But there´s one thing that money can´t buy and that is unconditional love.

Like the Love between a dog lover and his pet, his best friend, his support, always welcoming you with a wiggling tail and a smile on his or her face when you come home after a day's hard work …. to earn .... YES ...Money. Our bosses say that every day! So we courage them to give... more love.

Animal Love and Rescue started basically 20 years ago in 1999 with the rescue of 5 pups - only a few hours old - from a garbage bin at the Costa blanca. They were raised with puppy milk and lots of love and survived. All of them. 3 were adopted, two stayed with our bosses. Unfortunately one disappeared and while he had a chip, he is never found again, and Rocky died from sickness at the age of 13. At that time he was already joined by Fien, Marie, Pipo, Simba and some little pups who's adventures turned every day in an unforgettable moment. But at that moment it wasn't called Animal Love and Rescue yet.

When our bosses moved to the Costa del Sol in 2013, they brought 5 dogs with them. They rented a house with 16000sq m of land. There the idea started to make a resort where all abandoned dogs could live, run and play freely in the open air, not in cages, all breeds living happily together. Soon the family became bigger by two pups found in a box next to a garden center in Coin. From Coin they moved to Guaro where the present Resort is located. At a quiet location, no troubles with neighbors, some of us have a loud voice, and 15 000m of lands to play, run, and do things we are actually not allowed to do! But that is what dogs do, huh?

Seven dogs became twelve ... twelve became 18 and so on until the group got really big. Currently, they foster 30 dogs. Animal Love and Rescue became a fact. They know they can’t save all abandoned dogs, but they try where they can. Sometimes they got a lot of critics from people saying they were crazy. And actually - between us - they are! Crazy about us, their dogs!

Unfortunately, with saving dogs, there is happiness but also sadness. Happiness when they are able to save one and get him or her adopted. Sadness when they have to put a dog to sleep, or when pups died from the Parvovirus that was brought in by another saved pup or a pregnant mother dog. A lot of the dogs got a happy forever home, others stayed with us in the Resort and a lot of little ones became a little star shining in the sky. Passed over the rainbow. But that is part of live.

The past year Animal Love and Rescue started to get some problems. Not with the dogs but due to unforeseen circumstances. A very aggressive landlord, a huge water leak under the house, the Mayor who cut off the water supply because of that water leak, the heavy storms in October 2018 that destroyed a lot of the infrastructure, and the storm of mid-September this year, that destroyed the rest. A summer without a drop of water with the heat in Spain, it’s horror. We can tell! But our bosses managed to go to the water well in the next town to fill water in bottles. 500 liters every day. And they still do. To provide us with drinking water, some baths to cool off, clean our places so we have a neat place to stay. Because for every problem, there is a solution! And for us it was a nice one, we are allowed to sleep in the house now!

Now it is time to rebuild the Resort, better than it was before! With big playfields, toys, wooden chalets to sleep in where it is warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer. A puppy chalet especially for them, with own playfield, a swimming pool where some of us can swim and where the sick ones with bone problems can get their water therapy. The owners always paid all costs themselves, never, ever, asked for help. They worked and spend every euro to our happiness.

Tey created a nice website www.animallove and rescue.com and also a webshop with lovely products called usjyandosjy.com. But now, it’s not possible to pay it all themselves anymore. They, and we need your help urgently. Fundraising is created because financial aid is needed to be able to continue the work and rebuild the infrastructure.

Donations can be done in different ways. Money donations on our donation pages or donations of bags of food, goods for the dogs, like blankets for their beds, toys, but also medication, payments of treatments, all are just welcome. The owners themselves organize all kinds of events, do special jobs, to bring in more money for the Resort, and they have the webshop www.usjyandosjy.com where they sell dogs items. Also from this webshop, a part of the money goes to the Resort.

We received a lot of likes on our facebook page, more than 1000 dog lovers became friends, share our posts, and we created a huge web connection with other rescue centers. To spread the word that we need more donations to get the Resort rebuild, to feed the animals, get help with the adoptions. The owners wrote a lot of letters to wealthy people for help, but as usual, it’s the people who actually can’t afford it, that donate. Not the wealthy ones! We received small donations from people we know or sometimes don’t know, and people donated bags of food, medication, etc. With a lot of thanks to all of these people! The food was delicious and our stomach’s are well filled!

We have a lot of dogs waiting for a new family who wants to adopt them. Pups that are 3.5 months old, some of 5 months old, and 1 and 2-year-old adults. They are happy here, they play, run, have fun, sleep together, but there are too many. The Resort can’t keep them all. The older ones and the sick ones can stay here, our bosses won’t give them the stress to move to another place they don’t know. And certainly not a shelter.

Shelters do good work, but Animal Love and Rescue prefers their dogs to run freely in the Resort, play, have their own space, not in cages and behind bars. All animals for adoption are on our website. Also how they want to rebuild the Resort. Maybe with your help? For that there is a huge need of a lot of euro’s. We already said we want to work too, but in Spain dog labour is not allowed. Helas….

A few weeks ago our news team started with an original concept to get more people interested in our Resort and website. The animal love and rescue news was born and it was intended to give information and some entertainment once a week on Sunday. This news, presented by our doggy team, had already 70 viewers – WOW - and we are sure more of our 1000 friends would look to it in the future! The concept was made because it’s kind of unique but also, once we had more viewers, to gain money for the resort from the sale of publicity. Personally I like publicity where dogs have the main role.

But now we feel sorry to announce that we will put the News on Sunday, on hold for a few weeks. So actually we will be unemployed for a couple of weeks. Hm. It is needed for a while to spend more time in the fundraising, and the rebuilding of the Resort, because winter is coming soon and all dogs need to be safe, dry and warm.

Therefore We regret to say that this is the last time the animal love and rescue news will be on the air for a couple of weeks. Because we will surely come back to you!! With news of the adoptions, the fundraising results, the rebuild of the Resort, and what we did in the meantime!

We thank everybody who really helped us, with donations, food, all kinds of stuff to sell in favor of our furry friends. Thank you very much! We hope more donations will follow, or help, everything is welcome to help us. We love it here!

So, me and my friends here in the studio, all our friends in the resort and the producer Jacko Russel alias Bert and his lovely wife Vera, say goodbye, we’ll meet again in a few weeks! In the meanwhile, keep on following us on our facebook page and website Animal Love and Rescue! And spread the news that we need help! Hasta la vista!


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