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Updated: Jan 20

We are still looking for donations for the fence of our new resort! Therefore this new action. SPONSOR 1M FENCE FOR 12 €! More meters are also allowed of course. For you, € 12 may not be much, but for our dogs, it means freedom, happiness, and above all SAFETY. The big dogs have to get out of the old resort as soon as possible where they are not safe. However, they will not be able to come to the new Resort until the fences and sleeping areas are made.

And for that we need help! Your help! To move them to their new paradise as soon as possible.

Help us save our foster dogs so that we no longer have to fear the actions of the old owner of the old resort. No more disappearances, no more poisonings.

We will be eternally grateful to you.


also read our magazine about the new Resort:



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