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Joe is also waiting for a golden basket.

Little JOE, we call him little and that's what he listens to best, up for adoption.

We don't know what breed he is, but we don't think he will become very big. Middle size. He was found when the dogs were still in Guaro, we fed him with the bottle, Mini mothered them. Joe is a real devil! Jet black eyes, full of spunk and roguish tricks, but also very sweet and cute.

He is now about 3/4 months old, we estimate that he was about 10 days old when the bitches found him, this was on January 12, 2021. He is not easily scared, dares to argue and gets along well with the big ones. He is used to other dogs and still small enough to adapt to children and cats. It is a real play bird so it does need some space. He is house trained and puts his dirt on a cloth. It looks so black that we can hardly get it in a picture properly haha

We are looking for a good home for Joe, a nice family who wants to welcome him!


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