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Let´s go for it.

For our large collection campaign for the dogs, we are still looking for a number of places with an empty garage where we can collect goods in the Antwerp and Limburg region. We already have a place in Ypres and Maria Aalter, maybe we should also find something somewhere in Brabant or the Ghent region. We could get it all together so we don't have to visit too many places to get it all up. Once we have everything together, the truck can load it. I am now writing to a number of transport companies who can help us and what the prices are to bring it to Malaga - Coin. In Coin we have already arranged that we can get a container from the end of April. The landlord does a small sponsorship as well, so that's ok. Now getting everything together, collecting it and bringing it to here, that is still going to be a coordination. We already have a lot together.

Here is the poster that can be shared. With a funding campaign at doneeractie.nl for the costs of transport. Let's go for it!


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