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Malfortune never comes alone ....

Dear dog friends.

Unfortunately, we have to call on you for help and donations, for very sick puppies with Parvo. Our foster dogs that a mum adopted here became ill very fast. The vet immediately established Parvo.

This terrible virus that currently has a huge outbreak here in the region. Despite all our good care, the best disinfectants, strict measures, and daily cleanings, the virus has been passed on with great certainty by the adopting mother. She may be a carrier of the virus without having the symptoms. All five foster pups did not survive, and yesterday 3 other puppies were brought to the vet and 1 shows symptoms this morning. Four others do not yet have the symptoms and are currently in quarantine.

The veterinary costs are very high to save these animals. We have already spent the money that has been donated on medication, sterilization of 2 mother bitches, very expensive cleaning products, expensive medication for Princess, and a female that had an infection of the throat. The hospitalization for saving the puppies will cost around 800-1000 €. The vet will give us an estimate quote. Unfortunately, we can no longer handle this ourselves as we always used to do and we have to continue on donations to save the pups so that they can survive and start a new start with a dear family. Give them another chance at life. Fortunately, we have a very sweet vet who allows us to pay after donations arrive. For us, it is very emotional at the moment. You want to help these little ones and then they get this terrible disease. We hope for donations from friends and acquaintances to give the puppies a 2nd chance. And of course, we will keep you informed of this. Thank you very much in advance for your help. People who donate can send a photo of their animal (s) and we will send a very nice digital painting of their animal as a gratitude gift. For more info, just call us 0034 634 334 378 or mail info@animalloveandcare.com.


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