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Missing since evening 17th of July at the Guaro Campo...

It´s certainly not the first time she went out for a walk on her own chasing a mouse or rabit, but yesterday evening Chanelle didn´t come back for the daily dinner ritual. As she is very clever, and used to lie most of the time inside with us and the other little ones, it is strange she didn´t show up. Because she doesn´t trust strangers at all we can only assume that somebody took her with force or worse. We can only hope for a miracle as with Snow who came back after 10 months but ...


CHANELLE, 4 years old female small breed, chipped. If found or rescued please call

634 334 378.


Today the 28th Chanelle is now missing for 11 days, we looked everywhere, contacted vets because she is chipped but nothing. With this current heat, no water or food, we can only fear the worst. Whereever you are sweet girl ... be careful and come back. We´re all missing you.


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