• Animal Love and Rescue

New Time Record to Find a Lost Dog

Today around 3 pm we received a distressed call from a dog owner who´s Labrador found a way to escape from his urbanisation in Riviera del Sol, Mijas, Málaga. The dog was under the supervision of the owner's friend who was on a business trip in Budapest. The friend went searching right away but after four hours there was no sign. After receiving the call the Animal Love and Rescue team placed Faraos photo and details on their Facebook page and shared it with other organisations and in barely 24 minutes we received a call from a nice lady informing us the location of the dog. We immediately informed the owner to arrange a pick up and around 5.20 pm the dog was back home. Later this evening Farao will be rejoined with his owner who was already at the airport to get his flight back to Málaga.

With SPECIAL THANKS TO Bianca, Jack W. and the team of Bridges Bar in Riviera del Sol.