• Animal Love and Rescue

Publicity ..... your pet on canvas or poster.

Did you know that Vancast Digital Art, Division of VCI Creative Media Solutions, creates for us a beautiful unique painting from every dog we have or ever had? All those creations will be placed in the new Animal Love and Rescue Resort as a permanent exposition.

You however can also get such a painting, digital or on canvas, poster or even glass from your favourite pet. Unique, personal and most of all not expensive at all.

The profits of every creation will be donated to the resort to buy food, medical expenses and maintenance. If you like the idea of having such a unique image yourself, contact us by clicking the logo here at the bottom of the page. We would be delighted to make it for you.

We are present on the Sunday Market at La Trocha Shopping mall on Sunday March 21th from 10am till 2pm. Visit our stand and let us make a nice pic from your dog free of charge!


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