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Yesterday someone again started to doubt whether we are actually buying goods from the donations. So yes. I've already posted everything a few times, so here again. All the fencing for the first urgent fence of the meadows is already there. In the garage there are still many boxes with screws, the supports to use the posts, hooks to attach the fences to the posts. Normally the pallets with stones would come last week, but again there is no getting through here on the road so if the rain stops for a few days so that it is dry, then there will be 5 pallets with stones. They have been ordered and paid for. The cement mixer is also there. And we already have a lot of pallets to build the lofts. Whenever we get to Coin, we buy 7 pallets for 7 €, because we only get 7 in the car at a time. We also met someone who can help us with the woodwork. And we are also going to get food per few bags, because a whole lot at once, then the rats eat from it. There are more blogs with proofs on our website. The fact that we are not further with construction has to do with the weather and the neighbors. And people who have already been here know that our dogs are thriving.


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