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Strange and impossible, yet...

Remember me? I´m Kiko and I was rescued on November 7th 2018 when lost in the Coin area.

Since then I´m a part of the Animal Love and Rescue family and always stayed with my two owners and my brothers and sisters at the resort.

A few months ago a pregnant female was taken in the resort and shortly afterward she gave birth to some lovely pups. Meet this one called Mandy.

Besides the fact that she is also a Mastin as I am and even nicer, I have nothing to do with her getting on this world. In other words .... I´m certainly not the father but explain this then...

On the outside of her left ear flap is a clear design visible that is a perfect image of my face. Is it a wonder or just a game of faith?

One thing is very clear .... we´re the best of friends.


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