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This could have been avoided but ... sad. so sad.

Updated: Feb 1

Little Coco just died in our arms. Kiko brought kennel cough from the shelter and passed it on to all the other dogs here. Kennel cough is in the dog for a few days before you notice it, so he´s been been in contact with all the other dogs here. There are still those who have already returned from the kennel. Actually all, including those that are still there. This is the worst disaster that guy has done to us. All sick dogs back, extra medication, and the little ones do not survive. I am really despondent now. Tomorrow I have to go back to the vet for more and different medication, because the one we have now is not working properly. Kiko is getting sicker and sicker. He is now separate but it makes no sense because he has already been in contact with them the previous days and they are all infected. Rest in peace dear Coco, you were my dear sleeping buddy.


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