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Now urgently, Rico, the Malinois, must very urgently find another home, with someone who can hold him in hand, but also give him a lot of love and attention. Is a super sweet dog but one who wants to work for his owner. 3 years old, microchipped, neutered and in order with all vaccinations.

Jack, mix labrador / mastin, very sweet but big, a real teddy bear, is also looking for a home. He will be 2 years old. His sister is leaving for Belgium on April 5.

Peppi, Cocky's brother also deserves a new home, is now 10 months old.

Noel, who arrived here for Christmas, left on a leash by his owner. We estimate about 3 years old, very sweet with people and other dogs, and have had training, because we walk perfectly on the leash, in the house, listens up to and including. Also had a chip and vaccinations.

And Joe, our smallest, in April 4 months can also go to a new owner if we find one.

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