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Arrival of the "Giant"...

Updated: Jan 31

After the very stressy situations yesterday January 18th, we got back some hope to get our friends back from their forced confinement at the Paraiso Center. Kiko was the lucky one to leave with us towards our new resort. He was very stressed after his stay there just as the others but he seemed to like the drive although it seemed the car was a little to small for his personal needs ...

Once arrived with a new slightly to big colar he immediately became friends with our new Matin Leon and both of them checked out the new place where they will stay once the fences are installed.

Back at the house, some of the early arrived pups looked at him if they were saying "Wow, who is that Giant"

Later on we took him in the house where he met his other friends already present, Anouk, Jack and Mini. A warm comfortable place by the fire place resulted in a good nights sleep. Something we needed as well. To be continued ...


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