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Found in the stables

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

A day later we were called by an English lady for a small puppy that they found in horse stables. We picked him up, the adorable white Guydo! Only 8 weeks old.

After we took in Guydo, Parvo broke out in our house. All puppies got infected, how much we tried to be very careful, took all necessary safety measures, they all got sick. Some survived, others died. This was one of the saddest periods in our life. The 3 brothers and their sister got adopted by friends, the twins from the sewer are still with us and very nice, healthy dogs. The 5 bodeguero’s sadly died. They were not strong enough. Guydo got blind but he can see again and is a strong boy, and from our own puppies, 2 died, and one, Bobby, got paralized. It was so bad that the veterinary told us to put him to sleep when he wouldn’t get better in a week. We refused, gave him massages and therapy, and a week later, he started to move. Two weeks later he made his first steps. Now he walks and runs like the others, but not the way normal dogs walk. He does it his way. But he is strong and has a really good character!