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Want to hear a miraculous story ??? In September 2016 we took in a puppy, ...

He was a real run away, sometimes he left the plot to come back a few days later, till September 2018. He was gone again and didn´t return. We put posters everywhere, searched for him at shelters and websites but didn´t get any reactions.

A few days ago, the morning of the 5th, the whole group was barking like hell outside so I went out to see what was happening and I found a dog lying underneath my car. I called for my wife to come outside to help and she shouted directly "My God ..... that´s Snow!" And indeed I checked the pics I had from him and it was definitely him. We gave him food and water, he recognised us and some of the dogs he knew before but became friends with the others he never met before.

Unluckily ... when we came home in the evening he was gone We assumed that he had been with another family in the area, escaped there but finally went back, he was not underfed, looked good so we were already glad he found a place and more was alive.

Yesterday evening, I went out with my guardian who ran directly in a certain direction and yes .... there was Snow again, we secured him for the night and this morning we let him join our last three adult rescued dogs, Kiko a Mastin and Rico a Belgian Shepard ... watch the video... Miracles do exist .... even after 10 months!


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