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Updated: Sep 27, 2019

We are in a VERY URGENT NEED OF HELP! Very urgent!

We foster 32 dogs at the moment. Pups, young adults, sick and old dogs.

Every day we get to deal with a lot of animal suffering. The pain in our heart is sometimes unbearable at the situations that we see.

Animal suffering. THAT is what we want to avoid with Animal Love and Rescue. We can not save every animal, but those we save get a happy life back at our Resort, with friends, health care, good food and lots, lots of love. We foster the dogs and are looking for good new owners for them, owners who will never leave them again.

We give the pregnant dogs a safe feeling so that they can raise their pups with mother love. Happy, playful puppies, dogs that are not in kennels but can run freely in nature, play, enjoy. A dog's life as it should be. But not only puppies but also mistreated dogs, older dogs, animals that nobody wants.

Due to unforeseen circumstances without our consent, we are in an urgent need of help. A lot of help. Until now, we paid all the costs for the dogs ourselves. Food, medication, veterinarian costs, call it. We never asked for help. But fate has decided differently for the moment, and due to that we are in urgent need for donations. We have 32 hungry mouths to feed.

Our Resort is on a rental property and with the storm of October last year a lot of our infrastructure was destroyed already. Since then, the dogs sleep in the house. All of them. In June last year we got a very huge waterleak under the house so from April this year, we are without one drop of water, the water supply is cut of. We go to the next town where there is a natural water well, to fill 500 liters of water in bottles, every day. To provide water to the dogs and clean. The landlord refuses to repare all of it. And with the storms of half September this year, every last peace of infrastructure is flushed away. So we need to rebuild everything again.

The whole infrastructure is removable. We need to rebuild the playgrounds where they can stay in groups, and every group get's a decent chalet to have a nice, warm and dry place to sleep. Our dogs live freely in the gardens, run, play, and are happy. No cages and no bars. Not a shelter. Only happy four-legged friends.

But for the rebuilding of the infrastructure, we need new materials. Strong fence wire, posts, cement, wood, are things we need. Some pre made chalets that are strong enoug to stand the storms, for the puppies, and the training field has to be fenced again. These are big costs, that we need to get from adoptions. We are now working at the problem with the owner of the property, to look for a solution that we can stay here.

We need a lot of food. One bag of food is 10€, but that is barely enough for one day. We need donations for the vaccinations, the neutralizing of the dogs, medication, etc.

AND if you live in the area of the Costa del Sol, you could also help us to donate goods that you don't use or need anymore so we can recycle them and sell them on the market, to get some money for the Resort.

Or you can also help by adoption, by virtual adoption, all are welcome. DON'T LET OUR GOOD WORK GET LOST! SAVE OUR ANIMALS.

Support the Animal Love and Rescue Resort and make a difference for these animals. Visit us on our website: www.animalloveandrescue.com

Because every donation helps an animal!

For all goods or food or medication: you can call us or whatsapp: 0034/634 334 378 - or a message at facebook: Animal Love & Rescue - or a mail to info@animalloveandrescue.com. If it is at the Costa del Sol, we can pick it up at your place.

If you want to send something: BERT AND VERA - Spanbox 1000 - One Stop Shop - La Trocha Center - 29100 Coin, Malaga, Spain

Donations can be done by this platform. At the homepage you can donate. If it doesn't work you can do it by bank:

REVOLUT - name Albert Van der Taelen - GB58 revo 0099 7027 715521 - don't forget to mention DONATION ANIMAL LOVE AND RESCUE - and your name. If you want an invoicem send an email to info@animalloveandrescue.com


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