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Wet Wet Wet ... not the Scottish soft rock band formed in 1982 but Filomena !!!

Updated: Jan 10

Our first setback while still moving from the old to the new premesis. The last few days this storm came over the country leaving serious damage everywhere. In our case flushed roads, rain getting trough the ceiling, electricity braking down etc.

Worst thing however, except not to be able to reach the residence by car, is the water coming in the storage room where all our stuff is placed in cardboard boxes. Immediate action required to avoid the risk of everything getting wet wet wet. But as the group sang in 1994 "Love is all around" and that is what counts! Still ... the road will have to be repaired once the storm is over and everything is dry again.

Who will pay for it ... that´s the question because we are the renters of the area and the common owners that use the road don´t seem to take any action but on the other hand, it´s better that it happened now before we started to rebuild the resort. At least for now we know the weak places where we could be in trouble when another storm as this one passes by. We can take our precautions and ... it´s kind of fun to get towed out of the mud, that´s what they call positivism ... to be continued


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