These are our dogs in the Resort for Adoption or

virtual adoption. If you want to see the dogs in action,

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Virtual adoption is another possibility. The dog stays in the Resort, but the adopter pays for his/her costs. 

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ref.: sam280918


Sam is born on September 28, 2018, and has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. One sister died and one brother is adopted. His other sister Kyra, and brothers

Bobby and Billy are still at the Resort.

He is born in our Resort. The mother is a Labrador, the father is a German Shepherd. There is also a bit of Rottweiler in him, but he is very gentle.


Sam is a super nice and lovely dog, very enthusiastic, and good with other dogs. The problem is that the other dogs in the flock are always rude to him,

so he is very scared. 

He feels good when we are around, or in his own group. He is what we call "the underdog", he will always give himself over when a rude dog tries to bully him. But he is super enthusiastic too. So he needs a boss that can handle him in the beginning. To calm him down.

He needs some training to walk on the street, on a leash, sit down, be calm. He didn't get that here. If we go for a walk, he just runs, he doesn't know a

leash yet. He's used to living outside, not in a home. And he's not used to be alone, he always has his friends with him, so he would do great in a family with

a big garden, and another dog to play with. Preferably a girl. 

He is a happy fellow. He's a fast learner but needs a steady hand! And a lot of space. There is some Rottweiler in him but he is very nice and adorable. 

And... he's a good watchdog! 







ref.: kyra280918


KYRA is born on September 28, 2018. 

She is born in our Resort. The mother is a mixed Labrador, the father is a German Shepherd.  Kyra is the sister of Bobby, Billy, and Sam. She is only for virtual adoption. She is a very good mother/foster dog. Takes care for all small puppies that are left here in the Resort. That is why we don't want to put her for normal adoption. She is very protective and can be nasty if someone comes to close to the puppies or even an object that she protects. 

Kyra is a middle-sized dog, likes to play, listen well, and get along with other dogs. She is not afraid, a very sweet girl, and calm when is needed. 

We want to keep her with us in case pups get dropped or come into our Resort without a mother. She is the best mother you can imagine, although she didn't have puppies of her own. So look for her on VIRTUAL ADOPTION, just click on the picture. 







ref.: arya280319


ARYA is born on March 28, 2019, and has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Some of her brothers and sisters got adopted, others died to parvo. She is now in the Resort with her sister Daenaris. 

She is born in our Resort. The mother is a Podenco, the father is unknown. The mother was adopted a year earlier but the man brought her back, pregnant.

She is still here.

Arya is a middle-sized, funny little lady, who likes to play, listen well, and get along with other dogs. She is a beautiful dog, listens well, and is easy to handle with a family. She is very sweet. 

She's a real Podenco so she needs a place with a closed garden and high fences. She likes to be cuddled!







ref.: daenaris280319


DAENARIS is born on March 28, 2019. 

She is born in our Resort. The mother is a Podenco, the father is unknown. She is the sister of Arya.

She is a lovely girl who needs a lot of attention. She wants to be cuddled the whole day. Once she gets to know another dog, she's ok with dogs, but in the beginning, she will bark a lot to them. She needs to trust them first. Once she has this trust she's good with other dogs. 

She is middle-sized but bigger then Arya or her mother Pouly. 

She is very shy, likes to play outside, knows her name, is always in for a lot of love. But she's also a Podenco so she needs a lot of space to run and a high fenced garden! She likes to hunt on small animals. 






ref.: adele030719


Adele is born on July 3, 2019. 

She is born in our Resort. The mother is a kind of Labrador, the black dog that you often see in Spain. The father is unknown but will probably be a Mastin. She has 3 sisters and 2 brothers, one of the brothers is adopted yet. 

Spanish Mastins are known as very quiet dogs, very gentle, good with people and other dogs, and children. 

Adele is a big dog, likes to play, but most of the time she lies down on her favorite spot. She listens well and gets along with other dogs.

Thing is that she always looks a bit sad. But she is a happy girl. Shy, a bit afraid in the beginning. But a big sized dog with a lot of strength. She needs a big garden, she is not good for an apartment. 







ref.: jack030919


JACK is born on July 3, 2019. He's the only brother left in the Resort from Adele, Anouk, and Miley.

He is born in our Resort. He's also a mixed breed but has the character of a Mastin. 

Jack is shy, a bit afraid of other dominant dogs, and very quiet. He likes to play with his sisters but most of the time, he sleeps in his favorite place. 

He likes to be outside, so he needs a good-sized garden. He's a real cuddler. Handsome and smart. But he's big and heavy. He never jumps up to people. 

Jack would do well in a nice family with a garden, with a lot of attention and maybe a friend to play with. 




ref.: anouk030819


Anouk is born on July 3, 2019, together with Adele, Jack, Miley, and Jim

She is born in our Resort. 

Anouk is mixed but has the character of a Mastin. She is a very, very beautiful girl. 

Anouk is the biggest of her family, likes to play but most of the time she is resting under a tree or somewhere where she feels comfortable.

She listens very well and gets along with other dogs. She's a quiet and loving dog, likes to cuddle, but needs a big garden to walk and play.

She is too big to live in an apartment. But she will be a good family dog due to her kind and loving character. 











                                                                                                                                                          ref: miley031019

Miley is born on July 3, 2019.                                                                                                                                                                                              

She is the sister of Adele, Anouk, Jack, and Jim, but the only one that is brown colored, and the only one that is real Mastin. 

She's not as quiet as the other mix Mastins, more playful, a bit of more lively, and loves to run and do things she knows are not allowed!

For the moment she is only for virtual adoption.

She's a very beautiful dog and listens very well. She's in training at the moment that is why we don't want to put her for full adoption already. We want to see how she will end the training, and if we can use her as a therapy dog. 




ref.: guido031118


Guido is brought in on the 7th of November 2018. He was about 6 weeks old and found in a horse stable.  


We don't know what kind of breed he is, but we suppose it's a mix between a podenco and a water dog. On his back, he has curly hair.

Guido is a big dog but skinny. He likes to play, listen well, and can get along with other dogs depending if they are macho or not. He's a bit a

macho himself and he doesn't like it when another dog comes to his food. 


Sometimes he can be a little nasty to other dogs. So it would be better than that he is with a female dog, or alone. He has a lot of love to give to the right people. 


Guido needs a garden where he can run. He is chipped, had his vaccinations, and survived Parvo. He is a healthy young man. But he is a Podenco, so high fences are needed to keep him inside the plot. He is a good family dog, who likes to cuddle and play, and is looking for his own place in a nice family. 








                                                                                                                      ref.: Louke031518



Louke and her brother Basje are TWINS. They were found in the sewer and saved by a nice person.                   

They are brought to the Resort in October 2018. They were a few weeks old. Basje  her brother is already gone, Louke is still in the Resort

The mother and father are unknown. 

Louke is a middle-sized dog, likes to play, listen well, and gets along with other dogs very well. She is a quiet dog and needs a lot of affection.

She wants to cuddle the whole time.  She is also a bit shy and afraid of people in the beginning. Once she knows the person, 

She is very gentle and has a huge need for personal contact and cuddles. 

Louke stays in the Resort for the moment, she is also in training. So she can only be virtually adopted until the training is finished.







ref.: locky031417


Locky is born on 30.12.2017. 

He is born in our Resort. The mother is a mix Labrador, the father a mix of German Shepherd/Rottweiler. The mother is gone, the father is still in

the Resort and kind of the leader of the pack!

Locky is a big dog, has long hair, likes to play, listen well, and get along with other dogs. He's a bit of a macho but can be very kind to people and other dogs. He is a very beautiful dog, and great for a family with a nice garden, time to get him out for a walk, and children that are not too young. 








ref.: obi031717


Obi is born on 30.12.2017. 


He is born in our Resort. The mother is a mix Labrador, the father a mix of German Shepherd/Rottweiler. He is the brother of Locky, the only two from

the nest that stayed with us. 

Obi is a big dog, has long hair, he's a very quiet dog, listens well, and gets along with other dogs. He looks totally different than his brother Locky and

is calmer too. He is not macho and gets along with all other dogs without fighting! He's very gentle and perfect for a family with a garden, and bigger kids, or an older couple. 

Obi had Leishmaniasis and needs his medication every day. The medication is 450mg of Allopurinol, which he takes very easily. He has no symptoms

and every 6 months he goes for blood analysis to see if all is ok. He is a gorgeous dog!







ref.: mini031819


Mini is brought in our Resort in June 2019. She comes from the street and was pregnant. She gave birth to 3 puppies. 

Only 1 of them survived and is still in the Resort, Tina. She also adopted 5 siblings from another mother that came from the shelter in Malaga.

But unfortunately, they also died of the Parvovirus.

We don't know who the father and mother are, neither how old she is. But we guess she is around 2/3 years old. 

Mini is a middle-sized dog, she is a very quiet girl, listens well, and gets along with other dogs.

She is never angry or violent to others. She's a great family dog that needs a lot of cuddles and attention. But she is a kind of a Podenco too so she

must have a well-fenced garden to prevent her from going a walk. 


June 2019





ref.: snow032518


Snow is born on 20/06/2017. 

He came as a young pup to our Resort. The mother is a mixed dog (we think kind of a Podenco), the father is unknown

Snow is a big-sized dog, likes to be on his own, listen well, and get along with other dogs.

He is a quiet dog and doesn't like playing. He loves cuddles. If you want to adopt him you will need a good-sized garden that is well fenced.

He likes to run away but always comes back.  One day he just disappeared and  10 months later he suddenly returned. Since then he didn't run away anymore.





                                                                                                                      ref:Pouly 032617

Pouly came in our Resort in 2017 as a young pup of only a few months old. She got adopted by a sheep shepherd a year later. 

In 2019 she returned to our Resort, pregnant. The shepherd didn't want her anymore, so we took her back. 

She had 5 puppies. 1 died at birth, 2 got adopted, and Danaeris and Arya are still here. 

Pouly is a bit on herself. She is a gentle young lady, about 3 years old now. She likes other dogs but can be a bit bitchy to other female dogs. 

She is a real Podenco, so very difficult to keep in the garden. For weeks she will stay in the group and close to the house, and then suddenly she tries to escape. She loves to be cuddled and would be a good dog for older people, even on an apartment, if they take her for a walk often enough. 







Rico is a very sweet and gentle dog who is 2 years old but had a bad life behind him before he came here.  A pure Belgium Shepherd. 

The whole first year of his life he was on a chain, in a dirty small shed, hardly saw his owner. Until neighbors couldn't neglect it anymore. 
They cut his chain and brought him here. Rico is very traumatized by being on that chain. He's hyperactive now, can't sit still. He lives in a group of 4 male dogs, all with some problems in their life. He is very sweet and likes to cuddle. He is ok with his own group of males, but not with other male dogs. 

Rico loves the girls!


He needs a family where he can run, play, be cuddled, but where the owner is used to the character of a Belgium Shepherd! He needs a strict hand, and keep in training. He's a bit macho and wants to take over the Alpha feeling. 

He certainly needs a big garden to run. Rico needs a job to do, he is always looking to please his boss, so he needs to work. 

It's not a family dog with small children. He still is a bit too wild for that. 






Billy is born on September 28, 2018, here in the Resort. He is one of our own nests. He's the brother of Sam, Kyra, and Bobby. 

His mother is a brown labrador, his father a German Shepherd (Troy) who is still here. He is not for adoption. 

Billy is a mixed Labrador/German Shepherd/Rottweiler. But with a very gentle character. There is not one piece of danger in him. He's a bit afraid for other males, but when necessary he will defend himself or others of our group. 


He is attacked on his eye when he was young, so he has one small eye. 


Billy is only for virtual adoption for the moment. For the law, he belongs to the dangerous dogs, but Billy has more the character of a labrador then a Rottweiler. We, however, want to see how he grows up. How the character will develop before we put him for adoption.

For now, he gets along with all dogs, is not aggressive ever, but to be sure that we hand over a good dog, he still stays here in the Resort. 


He's a quiet dog, doesn't play a lot, he's more on his own or with his brother. 







Tina is born in the Resort on July 10, 2019. Her mother is brought in 3 days before. 

The mother was a small kind Podenco, the father we don't know. She is the sister of Jim, who is adopted already. She was a very tiny puppy, but grew up to become a very big lady! 

Tina is the most playful of all our foster dogs. She likes to tease other dogs, chase them, a real busy one! But she is very sweet, loves cuddling, and gets along with all the other dogs. 

Tina needs a family with bigger kids and a big garden where she can run and play. She needs a boss that can handle her because she tries how far she can go!

She is trying training now, but she is too playful to pay attention to what she needs to do. So we believe she won't be a good therapy dog. 







Kiko is a huge Mastin. In November 2018 we got a call from someone if we could help to catch this fellow. He was on his own, wandering around in nature. Nobody could touch him. He was very skinny and very scared. So we drove into the mountains of Coin, and within 10 min we had him. He was covered with fleas and ticks, you could play piano on his ribs, so skinny, and only 24kg.

We drove him right to the vet, where they washed him, give him some injections for the fleas, and looked if he was ok. The vet said he would be around 7 months old. 


It took us 6 weeks before he started to trust us. He is so nice but very scared, and the other dogs were mean to him, so we placed him upstairs with some pups. He liked it there. And still does.


He is the biggest Mastin we have ever seen, so beautiful, so gentle and loving, so quiet. But he can defend himself when necessary. He is a huge cuddle bear. Unfortunately, he is so traumatized, he doesn't trust people. So we will keep him and see how it goes. 


Kiko is now 1.5 years old about 1m high and 80kg. 






Little Keena is a very pretty lady. She came to the resort in November 2018 together with 3 other small dogs. The owner of the dogs was severely ill and in the hospital and the dogs needed to replaced. We took 4 small dogs in. Keena, Julio (a small kind of pincher). Little Princess (tiny little mix dog) and Nacho. 

Unfortunately, Little Julio was already old and in 2019 he got a stroke and died. So did Princess in 2020. She had a pancreas decease and was also an old lady. Nacho is stolen from our property in June 2020. He is chipped we still didn't find him back.

Keena is the youngest of them all. She likes to drive with the car, she's playful, but most of the time she just lays down in the shadow in the garden. She is a very sweet girl, loves kisses and massages and get s along with the other dogs.