Dogs for Adoption


These are our dogs in the Resort for Adoption or

virtual adoption.

Virtual adoption is another possibility. The dog stays in the Resort, but the adopter pays for his/her costs. 

The adopter becomes a Life Line Parent.

If you want to make a reservation, click on the button "RESERVATION" in the dog's part.

Not all of our dogs are for adoption.

Some of the dogs are still too traumatized, others are old, or sick. And some of the dogs, we don't think it's already a good idea to put them for adoption. Once we are not sure how a dog will react to moving to a family, we keep them here to socialize them a bit longer, until we know they are ready. Based on the behavior of the dog in a group, or with people. These dogs we put only for virtual adoption until they are ready. 

The older and sick dogs stay in the Resort. We don't think it's a good idea to re-home them another time, or with the sick dogs, they have their routine and we know what they need.