The Resort

We have been taken care of dogs for already 20 years. First at the Costa Blanca, later in Belgium and once we were back in Spain, we started again.

The love for dogs is too big for both me and my husband. To make a long story short, this is why we started the Resort and the troubles we have and hope to solve before the end of 2020, or at least in 2021. We are not getting younger and we nearly lost a year due to corona!

When we arrived back in Spain in 2013, this time at the Costa del Sol, we had our 5 own dogs with us that we brought from Belgium. But soon we got confronted with the animal suffer here in Spain. It looked like it got worse in the 5 years that we were in Belgium. At the Costa Blanca, we had occasional animals suffer, pups that were left behind in the garbage bin. We saved them, and they all got adopted. We kept one, he became 15 years!

But we lived in an urbanization in Calpe at the Costa Blanca, so there was not a lot of animal cruelty.

It started when we came back and this time to the Costa del Sol where we went to live at the campo, the outside skirts of a village named Coin, in a very nice house on a mountain with a lot of lands. The owners were very nice Spanish people and our dogs were allowed. The problem was our neighbor.

He had two dogs, who were always on our land, but we didn't mind, and of course, all the dogs became friends, so our dogs visited his land too.

He didn't like that. In the meanwhile we rescued 2 young pups that were found at the garbage bin by the plant center, they were about 6 weeks old.

We named them Messi and his sister Paqui. Then there was a nest of 3 pups, newborns we found. 

After 3 years our contract was finished and we couldn't renew it. Due to the neighbor. 









We found another house, but in a village, with a small garden, which wasn't enough for the dogs. Besides that, the house and the land were infected by tics. We tried everything, even the town hall but after 4 months we finished the contract.

In November 2015 we found our perfect dream house. In Guaro, on a mountain, with 15 000m2 of land, and all our dogs were welcome. We had 10 at that moment and the landlord was a friendly man, he gave us a 6 weeks old German Shepherd. We named him Troy, and he's the leader of our pack. The most loyal dog we could ever dream. We made playfields for the dogs, with houses on it to sleep, they could run and play, because our dogs don't stay in cages

or behind bars. The fences were broke but the landlord promised to restore them, which never happened. So the dogs could get out of the premises. So we tried to restore them as good as we could. There are no direct neighbors here, it's a small sandy path to the house, and on the other side is the ravine.

So some can hunt, or they go to the river down in the valley without disturbing other people.  Not that we like it, we prefer them to stay in the garden.

In 2017 the contact with the owner of our house got bad. Due to a lot of broken things in the house and the start of mold on the walls. He didn't keep his promises, didn't repair anything, and the contact got worse and worse. Dogs started to disappear. In 2017 we already had 25 dogs, all rescues, or abused, a lot of them were pups. 

Later this year I will put the link of the Story of our house on this website after our lawyer gives us permission. Thing is that the state of the house got worse and worse, more mold, water under the house, a huge leak, 8 months without water, more dogs disappearing or poisoned, It all became very stressful. In 2018 we had about 45 dogs to take care of, we had pups with parvo that we took care of, a blind dog, a paralyzed pup (that walks now), older dogs, sick dogs, we took them in. In October 2018, there was a lot of heavy rainfall's and they destroyed our playfields and the dog houses.

All got flushed away. From that moment on, we took the dogs into the house. The house was in a bad state anyway. We sold our business and started something new, and in the meanwhile we started looking for another piece of land with a house, to buy. That wasn't easy because for the dogs we need a lot of flatlands and a house that was habitable. Most of these houses are illegally build and we couldn't get a mortgage due to that. Then something unforeseen happened to our new company and we lost all our money. Until then we had paid for all the costs of food, health care, goods, for our dogs ourselves and suddenly we couldn't anymore. We had to go for donations what is not so easy. But we are lucky to know some very good people who give donations to get them fed and healthy. 

Dogs got adopted, new pups were brought in, so at the current moment ( June 2020 ) we have 28 adults and 12 pups. Due to the coronavirus, we can't go for adoption because they can't fly, but soon the borders will re-open again. We are trying to find another house with enough land to rent, but with so many dogs, that is not done. Maybe we are lucky, some people want to see us, and maybe we can have what we are looking for. In the meanwhile, we stay in the moldy house just for our furry friends. They are happy here and we will never, ever put them in a shelter, just because we can't find another house.


So we will see what the near future will bring for us. We are performers, so we do a lot of jobs to get money in for our loving friends, they are the most important for us.  




These ticks came from 1 ear of 1 dog

The small garden, too small for our dogs and full with tics

This is where we live now, where they run and play, all together as a happy family. Of course, we have days that they don't get along, but most of the time, they just love each other and take care of each other!

But we need another place for them where we can be sure that nothing happens to them. 

We hope to find nice people who have a big plot of land for us and our dogs. With a small house or even a stone shed that we can turn into a loft. We don't need a fancy villa. We need space for our animals, and no neighbors, so they can be happy. 

So we hope and pray that we find people who have this and want to rent it out to us for a normal rent.

This is what we hope to recreate again for them.

When we see these sad looks in the eyes of dogs who are in a shelter, then our hearts cry. A lot of shelters take good care of their dogs but they still remain behind bars. They give them love, but there is no space for freedom, for friends to play with.  We try to create their stay with us as much like it is in a loving home, with a lot of cuddles, personal attention, playing with them. Prepare them for a live-in their forever home. Where we have our resort now, there is no possibility for people to come and visit them. Or children to play with them so we can see how they react to children.


In the new Resort, we want to make this possible, that people with children can visit, see the character of the dogs, see if there is a click between them, organize special days with music and a drink, so people can see our adoption dogs, or take them for a private walk.  

Playing fields with toys to play with. A small pool or swimming pool for the summer or the ones that like the water, shady spaces with a sofa for the older ounces to have a quiet sleep, place for the puppies where they are safe. That is what we would like to realize in 2021. With our events and with the donations from our friends. 

But first, we will have to wait what 2020 and the whole crisis this year will bring us. For us it is very simple, we keep on doing our best for our animals and the ones that need help are welcome.