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Due to storms and unforeseen circumstances, a lot of the Resort is destroyed. We need to rebuild the Resort, and we will create a great place with a lot of playgrounds and dog houses that are placed in nature. So NOT one animal will be locked up! They can run free, play with their toys and friends, and take a cool swim in the summer.

We want to be able to home 30 dogs. The playgrounds will be divided into different parts. The adult dogs, the semi-adults and youngsters, a senior part where the older dogs can have a quiet life, a puppy place where the new puppies can be separated till we know they are ok, where a mum can deliver her babies, where the puppies can grow up till they are old enough to play outside and discover the world without their mum.

There will be also special places for wounded dogs, dogs that need more time to get confidence in people and other dogs again, or dogs that don’t like other animals. We will create a training zone and later a place where we can take care of the dogs that come in for physiotherapy.  A special container for the veterinary that comes every month to check the dogs, where we have the medication and needed materials to give the dogs in case of an emergency.





Of course, this will cost a lot of money. Therefore we plan a lot of actions and hope for a lot of donations. 


On this site, we will have all estimated costs, detailed, so our sponsors can follow where the money is spent on. 

There will also be a sponsor page, where we will put all our sponsors on, and what we already accomplished. 

All very transparent. That is how we like it 


Every week we will post the update on this project. We hope and pray that we can realize it! That would be the dream for us and our dogs. 




These are no pictures of OUR Resort. Our Resort is built on a mountain between the Olive trees. Once the Resort is rebuilt we can place our own pictures again 

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