T  he New Resort

A whole new and exciting challenge awaits us!

In January 2021 we moved to another place where we rebuild our Resort for foster dogs. 

A Resort in order with all legal papers, and a heaven for our dogs to live. Freely in nature!

We look forward to our new place and we hope that we finally can find rest and peace after 3 years of stress, misery, and problems.

And positive as we are, we also believe there will come an end to the Covid crisis that affected us all. 

New ideas and plans are made to promote the Resort and Fundings in the next couple of months. 

But for that, we will need a lot of help from people who love animals as much as we do! People who want to help us to share our fundings with friends, and other people that don't know us.  The Press, local, in Belgium and Holland will be informed and we will ask them to help us too. Only like this our FUNDING can become a huge success, in favor of the Resort and the animals.  


Thanks to the donations to the Funding, we will be able to build a safe home for the animals, with new sleeping places, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A new place where we can provide the pregnant street moms a good home to deliver their puppies, abandoned puppies can grow up there until they are ready to go to a new adoption home, but also a veterinarian who comes along to look at the animals, give them the right health care.


And maybe, with enough funding, we can also help animals that live with people that love them a lot, but can't afford expensive vet costs. That we can make a foundation that helps these people. Good people, that love their animals as we do.

That is also a new project for the future. Not all animals are abandoned, also poor people have the right to love an animal but can't pay expensive bills. Maybe our foundation can take care of that? 

That is the next dream after we rebuild the Resort. 

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The New Resort will be rebuilt in Casarabonela. A very nice town in Andalucia. 

There in the campo, we will start building the playfields, sleeping places, play toys, shadow and relax corners, puppy land, a separate container for the pregnant mums, and also the second container that will be used as a washing and grooming place and for the vet when he comes to the Resort. 


How will the new Resort look like?

We want to make the Resort as comfortable as possible for the dogs. 

No dogs in cages or behind bars! That is not the way we do it. 

These are animals, and animals should live free in nature.

As it is with people, dogs also have their own thoughts about other dogs. They like each other or they don't. We also have the macho kind of dogs, who not always get along with another macho guy. So we need to place them in groups. 

Every group get's is own big playfield, with big sleeping places. 

All will be fenced so they can't escape or get into the playfield of another group! The fences will be removable. Like this we can create bigger or smaller playfields, depending on the group. 

Every field will have shadow spaces for the summer where it will be cooler, a small swimming pool to cool off, toys and play materials to keep themselves busy.

The older dogs can rest on a couch or bed, in the sun or shade, and just relax in their old days. 

We want to buy a container that we will turn into the washing and grooming place but also for the vet to check on the dogs. 

And of course, we won't forget our pregnant mums and the puppies. They get a special area where they can give birth to their puppies completely relaxed and calm. With all hygienic facilities. This also for the little puppies. 

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We hope to start with the rebuilding at the beginning of December 2020. 

First, we will start with the fencing. Some parts are already fenced but need to be checked extra.

Some of our dogs are really big and weigh a lot of kilos.

So the fences need to be very strong to prevent them from going through.

That is why we place the dogs in groups. Every group has its own playfield. By placing the dogs in groups, we prevent the dogs from fighting with each other. Due to this, and the fact that our dogs live free and not in cages, we nearly, or never, have fights or bite wounds. 


Of course, to make a great Resort, that cost a lot of money. 

We will start funding to raise money to build up the Resort again. On our website, we will place the works we have done, costs, but also our weekly movies on our own YouTube channel, so our sponsors can see with their own eyes the progress we make. 

   And we do an extra for all our sponsors! 

        More information you can find on our funding page.  

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