Urgent Costs

Phase 1:

The first thing we need to do is to fence the garden. 

 * 1/3 of the garden is already fenced but we need to see if all is strong enough. We have a lot of big and heavy dogs, so it needs to be really strong. We need to prevent that the dogs can come together. 

* Except for the outside fences we also need 4 inside playgrounds. One for the biggest group, a bit smaller for the "trauma" group, the puppy land, and a place where the new dogs that come in can stay in quarantine. 

The concrete, the bricks, piles, fencing plates, gates, and small items to put the fencing, is already a huge cost. We want to make the fencing removable so we can create bigger or smaller places. 

Luckily we don't have that many dogs in for the moment, because we found out that the winters can be very windy and rainy here. The dogs run free around the house and in the area, and sleep under covered pieces of the house in warm hay! They just love it.  

For the next winter, we need strong chalets in wood, rain-free, nice and warm, and strong so they can hold against the heavy wind that we can have here.  

Our dogs don't live in cages or behind bars. They live freely in the garden where they can run and play as much as they can. 

The puppies and moms will sleep in a big wooden chalet where they can go outside too in their own fenced place. Like that you get happy and relaxed puppies. 

If we can already get this work done before the summer, then phase 1 is finished

In phase 2

we will go further with the building of the Resort. Wooden chalets with special walls and floors inside will be built. We will also pay attention to walking paths between the inside enclosures, planters, flowers, small swimming pools to cool off in the summer, shade places, etc. 

Phase 3 will be the last finishing touch. With 2 containers. One will be for the grooming and the vet that comes to check the animals, the second one will be to store the food and goods we need for them, washing machine, freezer for the fresh food, etc. 

Once the Resort is totally finished, we can start with our SOCIAL SUNDAYS! Every last Sunday of the month we want to invite people to come to the Resort where they can enjoy a drink, a snack, some live music and socialize with the animals! This is nice for the animals and people can see the dogs for adoption, bring goods with them, and enjoy the beauty of the Resort! Even take them for a walk in the neighborhood!