ANIMAL LOVE AND RESCUE Resort abandoned abused dogs | Andalucía

Maybe you are a dog lover, want to have a dog or more dogs, but you don’t have the time or place to keep them? Then why not virtually adopt one, or more? Virtually adoption is like you adopt a dog but at distance.


How does it work?

With a monthly contribution, you can support a dog that you have virtually adopted. Your contribution will be used for food, daily care, and veterinary costs. We will place your name on our site that you have virtually adopted the dog. Also on the playground of the dog and their sleeping chalets.

And of course, we will send you regular updates of your dog (s). In case your virtual adopted dog goes to a new home, you can choose to donate the money to another dog in our Resort, or stop the virtual adoption. 


  • One dog:                       20€ monthly

  • Two dogs:                     30€ monthly

  • Per extra dog:            + 10€ monthly


Sign up here to be a Sponsor

You make your donations for virtual adoption as:

1. recurring payment on your PayPal account /or through our PayPal account with your debit card or credit card,


2. by recurring bank transfer,


Choose your option below:



If you'd prefer, you can pay using PayPal. You don't have a PayPal account - a debt of credit card is all you need.

For this option please fill out the virtual sponsorship form specifically for PayPal payments.



If you would like to pay by bank transfer please use the bank details listed below:



IBAN: ES0501824290950201578671

REF: Animal Love and Rescue + name and ref number of the dog(s)

After you've set up the recurring transfer, please send an email with your details to info@animalloveandrescue.com