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At the current moment, we have our place in Guaro.

Normally we will have to leave this place but we are busy with finding a solution for another house with a huge plot of land and rebuild the Resort. Better and stronger then it was before. This won't be possible before and during the winter season, so we want to close all our terraces with canvas curtains that we can close when it's cold, windy or rainy.  In that case, the dogs have protected places. And of course, for the winter season, they can stay in the house too. 

In the meantime, we will look for a better place to rebuild the Resort. Our animals deserve it!

1* Is the sandy road to the house. It’s about 800m to the first houses, and 1.5km from the village of Guaro. In the summer the road is ok, in the winter after rainfall it can be very bad.

2* The gate to the property. The whole plot is fenced but due to the heavy rainfall from last year October and this year mid September, a lot of the fences at the side of the road are gone, or fallen down. We need to put new fences at the whole front side, with water drainage channels so the water goes around the fences. Also a part on the right side of the property need some new fences. The rest up the hill and on the left side are still ok. These fences have to be very steady. And of course, they will stay at the property.

3* The drive way up to the house. It is due to the water leak and the rainfall badly damaged. All concrete is gone. We have to put a new drive way, so we can easily get up to the house with food and goods.

4* This is the only flat part of the property. We use this as a training field for the dogs. The field needs new and higher fences. We want to plan to make the puppy part there because it’s flat and that is easy for the puppies. Also for their chalet where they will stay until they can go outside. 

5* The garage for all the garden material. At the current moment, the owner has closed the garage, so we can’t go in to take the materials. We will find a solution for that. If not we place an extra garage in wood at the parking space. We will have to buy some machines to keep the propertie and the playfields in order, neat and without insects. But these we can take with us when we should leave.

6* The small open water deposit for rain water. Not usable to drink, only for the garden. We would like to turn this in a swimming pool for the dogs, and also for the dogs that need therapy for their bone structure. There are stairs in it, so they can go into the pool. Some do this already but the water turns green. We would like to place a filter in it to keep clean water for the dogs to swim in, certainly in the hot summers.

7* Next to the water deposit and behind the garage, there were kennels. But very old ones and dirty ones. We never used them because of the dirt and insects. We would like to cut the trees a bit and rebuild the kennels but in wooden chalets, with concrete on the floor. No more herbs, no more insects. One goes with the doors open to the back side the other to the front side, so we can create 2 playfields and sleeping places for 2 groups.

8* the house. That needs to be renovated, but that is for us. We will do that. That doesn’t belong to the dogs infrastructure.

9* The parking space. Later we want to place a rebuild container there for the grooming, washing, and vet treatments. But that is in a later stage of the infrastructure. Not right away. Th most important is that the dogs are safe en dry for the winter that is coming.

10* Second and bigger water deposit. This one will stay like it is to water the garden.

11* This part of the garden is very steeple, that is a part we can nearly use or we have to level it.