ANIMAL LOVE AND RESCUE Resort abandoned abused dogs | Andalucía

At the current moment, we have our place in Guaro.

Normally we will have to leave this place but we are busy with finding a solution for another house with a huge plot of land and rebuild the Resort. Better and stronger then it was before. This won't be possible before and during the winter season, so we want to close all our terraces with canvas curtains that we can close when it's cold, windy or rainy.  In that case, the dogs have protected places. And of course, for the winter season, they can stay in the house too. 

In the meantime, we will look for a better place to rebuild the Resort. Our animals deserve it!

Due to the problems with the landlord, we are still waiting to rebuild the Resort at the current place. If we can find another place to live and rebuild the Resort, where our foster dogs are welcome, we would prefer that option. For the dogs, this property is very good because they have a lot of space, but we are not allowed to do any works anymore, and the house is totally rotten. 

Our dogs have good shelter against wind and rain. They can also come into the house if they want to. Some like it more inside, others don't. As long as the dogs are happy, we are. 

If someone would know another place for us with a lot of lands, a good-sized house (we make our dog items ourselves, so we need some space) at a good rental price or a rent to buy, with no neighbors in the direct neighborhood, we would love to hear it. And of course, the landlord needs to find it ok that it will be a Rescue Resort. If we can rebuild the Resort at another place, the dogs don't need to come into the house anymore. Then they will have their own places. 

But as long as that doesn't happen, we stay in the Guaro property.

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