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We are dog lovers to the end, and we believe that the world is made for humans and animals to live together, not to destroy them, or do them harm.


So very often we find dogs, mostly puppies, that are abandoned or abused, and we take them into our house. They are left behind in the garbage bin, in water deposits, sewers, or just on the streets. 

Another common problem is that many older people have a dog as a companion animal but cannot bear the costs of sterilization. When their dog suddenly becomes pregnant, the puppies are dumped somewhere. We also want to mean something to those people.

We take in the pregnant mum and take care of her. The puppies get born into our resort, are taken care for, get good healthcare, vaccinations, good food. That is also the fact for the mother dog. Once the puppies are 2 months old and don't need the mother anymore, we take the mother to the Vet and get her sterilized. So she can't have other puppies anymore. After that, she goes back to the owner. If it's a street dog, we put mom and puppies for adoption. 

We only want to give them a happy place where they don't have to be afraid any longer. Until a new owner want's to give them a lifetime of happiness.


We started a dog's dream house at the campo.

Where all our dogs can live a peaceful life together.


We are Vera and Bert, we live in the region of 

Malaga, at the Costa del Sol.

Every day we get confronted with lost or stolen animals, with abandoned animals, or animal abuse.

What is the most confronting? Little puppies that are thrown away in the garbage or water deposits.

Little puppies that live on the street with nearly no food. 

We want to mean something for these little dogs. They deserve a good life, out of the streets.

We created this website to work with real animal lovers and give our little friends

a home and life they deserve.


At the current moment, we have the Animal Love and Rescue Resort in Guaro, Malaga, Spain. With 15000m2 of lands where they can run and play freely in the garden. No cages, no bars. 

We now have 24 young adults and adults, 3 puppies that are 5 months old, and 5 puppies of 3 months old. 


But we will also be training therapy dogs. For children with a handicap, or elderly people with dementia. 


For the Resort we are always looking for donations from dog lovers to feed our animals, health care and infrastructure.

Due to storms in the area, a huge part of our resort is destroyed, and we need to rebuild the infrastructure all over again. So a lot of donations are needed. 

For this, we will do all kinds of actions to get the money together for the dog resort named: Animal Love and Rescue Resort. 

We also have our Usjy and Osjy webshop with lots of doggy goods, a lot of them self-made or ecological.  




Puppy Land  

A Dogs Dream


For that, we need funding, a lot of funding. And you can help us. By donating once, monthly, virtual adopt a dog, pay for a certain dogs healthcare or adopt a dog! Because we need a lot of people that donate to reach our goal. And with every donation, you will help a dog to get a better life. 


Thanks in advance! All of you! 


Bert and Vera, both in their late 50's live in the Campo in the north of Malaga at the Costa del Sol, 

For more than 20 years they take care of dogs. 


After a successful career in Belgium they moved to Calpe at the Costa Blanca to follow their passion and they opened a Music Bar-Restaurant. 

Bert as piano and keyboard player, and Vera as Jazz Singer, they performed for years as a duo, in bars, hotels, casino's, jazz clubs, etc. 

After Vera´s breast cancer and her treatment in 2012, they stopped performing.

It was too much for her, she got too tired. They moved back to Spain, this time to the Costa del Sol. 

Bert restarted his former profession and is CEO of Vancast Investments, that manages all kinds of different businesses. From art productions, musical as well as photography and paintings, renovations of properties, property advisement, remakes of properties, etc. 


Two years ago, Vera started with the Animal Love and Rescue Resort and  Recycled Collections. These items get sold on the Markets at the Costa del Sol, or through www.usjyandosjy.com

Both start to perform again at the end of 2019. 

In 2018 they sold a part of their business to give themselves totally for their dream. A resort for abandoned dogs, puppies who were dropped on the street, older dogs to have a happy and peaceful life, and not behind bars. 

That dream they will never give up. To get fundings in, they organize all kinds of events, yes also music events, where all the money goes to the Resort.

They make paintings, digital art, opened a webshop for dog products, do markets, perform with their music, sell music cd's, whatever is necessary to get fundings in. 

But we need extra funding from dog lovers, people who support our resort and our efforts we do for the dogs. Because we can't keep on paying everything on our own.   

Without funding, we will have to stop the good work.

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