We are Bert and Vera, both from Belgium but living in Spain for 20 years.

We are performers, Bert is a professional piano player and Vera is a Jazz Singer. They performed in Europe in bars, restaurants, hotels, Jazz clubs, and big events. 

They are also specialized in organizing special events, home parties, music shows, fashion shows, piano lessons, ....

For about 20 years they live in Spain, with an interruption of 5 years. First at the Costa Blanca where they performed and had a Bar/Restaurant, now they live at the Costa del Sol in the region of Malaga. Here they started Vancast Investments SL a company that houses a few different sectors and a lot of diversity for their clients. 

From Art to Music, Markets, Tourism, Food, Private home parties, Children's Parties, Events, their own designed dog clothing, and a second-hand webshop.

Their biggest love is their dogs. They started the Animal Love and Rescue Resort some years ago and foster now 28 adults and 12 pups. All dogs live freely in the garden, not behind bars or in cages. They are happy animals, playing and running together until they find their new forever home. 

To find out what they can offer their clients, read this website!

For more information:  info@vancastinvest.com
















Digital Art - personalized: www.vancastinvest.com


















A personalized portrait in digital art from your kids, animals, yourself, your family, or maybe an in Memorium to someone? 

We just need the picture and some explanation about the subject or person and we make some examples. The one you like the most will be finished as you want on canvas, wood, glass, or just send it to you by email so you can print it out yourself. 

Music :   https://vancastinvest.wixsite.com/bertbrooklyn

We are professional artists and perform in bars and restaurants, theaters, hotels, casino's, but we can also be booked for private home parties! 

Bert is a professional piano player and a good singer, Vera is a Jazz Singer but does all kinds of styles. 

We have a huge repertoire from the 50' - 60' - 70' - 80' - 90', from Jazz to disco, in different languages. From easy listening dining music to dance and party music. We don't do copies of artists and don't work with tapes, all is life! 

We make special prices for bars and restaurants and hotels if we can also talk about our foster dogs and raise donations for them!

Markets, online sales, own design dog clothes: our shop

We have our own collection design clothes for dogs, handmade, and tailormade that we sell on the Markets or online.  If the clients want something special, we can see that we can make it. Besides the clothes, we also sell some dog items where we believe in, from other companies.

What is special is that ALL the money from the sales goes to the dogs in the Animal Love and Rescue Resort, to support them. 

Our own collection is called Usjy and Osjy.

Food and home parties! Projects and Events

We make Original Belgium (Brussels) Waffles to take away or to deliver at home! 

Very nice and tasty for Kid Parties, tea afternoons, etc.

But we also do home events. From home cooking, waiters, decoration, cleaning, and live music. The whole package! 

Birthdays, special events, weddings, etc.

Not only the Belgian Waffles, but we have also our take away meals, sandwiches, desserts, or delivery at home.

It is the international kitchen that we prepare not the typical Spanish ones. 










Why TITI Waffles? Because my little grandson calls me TITI!