About us.


We are Bert and Vera, a couple with many common interests. We both love music, creativity, going crazy, but our greatest passion is our foster dogs

We would go through fire for them!

Both grew up in the Music World (due to our fathers), it was just a matter of time that we would meet each other and start a Musical duo.

After 8 years of performing together, we became man and wife.

We met in Spain at the Costa Blanca where we performed in bars, restaurants, hotels, jazz clubs, until we moved back to Belgium in 2008, just for a few years.

There, our interest in the show world got a step further and soon we started to organize several big events. 

We also performed in our own Restaurant.

Until the ugly beast named cancer, made an end to our Musical career.

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We moved back to Spain, this time to the Costa del Sol. 

Eventually, we arrived with 5 of our own dogs. But soon we got more. Spain is very well known for abandoned, abused, and mistreated street dogs and puppies. Thanks to the hunters and ages of bad behavior against animals.

When we moved in 2015 to our new home in Guaro, we started the Animal Love and Rescue Resort. 

At the present moment, we have 20 foster dogs to take care of. 

No dogs in cages or behind bars, but happy animals that live freely in nature.

Unfortunately due to the heavy storm and rainfall in 2018, most of our infrastructure is damaged. 

We also got a lot of problems with the landlord. There is a huge water leak under the house that made the house not livable anymore. He wouldn't repair it.  But we stayed in the house for our dogs, because it was a perfect place for them.

We always took care of the financial part of the Resort ourselves. We paid the food, healthcare, and other costs ourselves, until in 2019, with unforeseen circumstances, we couldn't do it anymore. 

From that moment on, we asked for donations and fundings.

Of course, the Covid crisis and the lockdown, the annulations of jobs, were not an ideal moment for our Resort!

But thanks to our many friends and followers on Facebook, we managed to get enough donations to feed the animals and pay for their health care. 

At the end of 2019, we started to perform again, but now always to raise money for the Resort.

During the Covid lockdown in the Spring of 2020, we got a lot of annulations. In June all got better and performances started again. 

We organize a lot of events, live music performances, market sales, we even sell Brussels Waffles, all to raise money for our four-legged friends!

And we will keep on doing that.

Because of the unconditional love and friendship, you get from these animals! 

And they deserve to be happy.

Soon we will start to rebuild the new Resort in Casarabonela!

Giving up our on our dogs, THAT WE NEVER WILL!