You want to adopt a dog ?


When you want to adopt a dog, think very carefully about what kind of dog you want and if the dog fits in your family and your daily life.


That is very important to avoid problems between you and the dog later.

Bear in mind that the behaviour of a dog can determine your choice.

Remember also that the animal you choose has already been abandoned or unwanted at least once in its life.

Dogs may live 12 to 15 years or more.

Your thoughtful consideration, preparation, and commitment will help ensure a lifelong placement.




Most of our puppies in adoption are born in our Resort, we know who the mother is, but most of the time we don’t know who the father is.

The mothers come in pregnant, often taken off the street, to give birth to their puppies here.
Mother and pups stay at the resort for 3 months until they are fully vaccinated and free of diseases, after which they are placed for adoption.

The mother gets sterilized and also offered for adoption, or stays with us at the Resort.

Because we usually never know who the father is, our puppies are always a mixed breed.

Therefore we do not know what behavior the dogs will develop later.

We can already see a lot about the behavior of the puppies and correct where necessary.


Because we work with animals the whole day, we can also give them some principal education.

We often get only the puppies in. They were left in the garbage bins and then brought to us. In this case, we don't know the mother and father. 


We also have to admit that some of our rescued dogs have already had a difficult past.

They have often been mistreated or were on the chain for most of their life, lived on the street where they could do what they wanted.

We try to work with them here at the resort so that they can regain confidence in people.

Most of the time this works for us because they see us all day long and they get confidence in the person who takes care of them,

but they remain very shy towards strangers.

In this case, we always recommend following therapy with the dog at a specialist.

It will help you get a good and loyal dog and not a frightened dog.

Anxious dogs can sometimes exhibit unforeseen aggressive behavior, purely from their fears.

We do not have the option to test the dogs with small children or cats or other small pets other than dogs.

Some dogs have never been to a house and will also need weeks or months to adjust to a new situation and sometimes to regain confidence in humans.

Asking for help may be necessary, this may be at our organization, a dog school, call in a veterinarian or a behavioral therapist,

and/or try regular medication.

It happens very often that adopters make an adoption a little bit too easy. Of course, it is nice when people want to adopt a dog, and not just buy one in a shop, to save a pet in need.

That is why you have to consider in advance what kind of dog you want and if this is a good choice for you.

As we said, taking in a dog is not temporary but for years!

However, many ignore the fact that these dogs require a lot of attention and guidance and that they still have to learn a lot.

This is not a matter of a few weeks but rather of months and sometimes even years.





But please take the necessary steps first to learn to know your dog!



When dogs are brought to us, we do not always know the correct age.

The vet determined that on a number of dog characteristics, but that is never quite correct.

All our animals that are brought in first go into quarantine and are then examined by the vet for possible diseases.

Tests are also done to see if the dog has certain diseases.

So in principle we only give healthy dogs for adoption or in case the dog has Leishmania, we will always mention this.

The puppies that come for adoption are all 3X vaccinated, dewormed, and have a chip.

We are sure that they are healthy.

Naturally, a puppy can become ill later, a congenital disease, for example, of which we do not know the existence of and are not responsible for. 

Adopting a dog can be very exciting and you can find your best friend ever, as long as you bear in mind that your dog will need some time to adapt to his new home situation.

When that happens you have saved a dog’s life!

Semi adults and adults:

Besides the puppies, we also have abandoned adults that came into our Resort, and semi-adults that not have been adopted yet.

We emphasize that the environment in our Resort differs greatly from a home situation so that behavior can sometimes be different from

what you see in our description with the dog since the environment in and around the house is also completely different than in our Resort.

Think of things like walking on a leash, walking in the city or in other busy areas, certain noises, dealing with children, dealing with other dogs,

cats, and so on. Our dogs live in groups in nature and are used to run freely in their part of the Resort.

They live together and are friends. So once a dog gets adopted he can miss his friends in the beginning.

The dog doesn’t know how to live in a house with a family. We try to learn them get along with noises, we take them on a walk, try to socialize them,

but with a lot of dogs in the Resort, it is not possible to do this with every dog.